Thursday, April 30, 2009


Cats need to recognize the #1 flag football team in the SMU community. Fourth consecutive championship...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So negligent.

No posts since the 18th... I'm sorry. A largely unnecessary and trite personal crisis came up.

In the time between my last post and now, I've done several things:

- Observed 6+ hours of the NFL draft and came away very satisfied

- Purchased a Venus fly trap

- Solidified things with my new apartment next year, including settling on roommates

- Learned a small amount of Chinese calligraphy

- Acquired an unreasonable addiction to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

- Made at least two more instrumentals with great potential

It really has been a productive 10 days. In other news, here is a great clip that I recently came across via PFT:

Friday, April 17, 2009

A tribute to John Madden

John Madden changed the 90's. Not because of his announcing, per se - but rather because of his unforgettable contribution to the video game world with the Madden football franchise.

Madden retired from announcing yesterday, almost certainly meaning that his video game line will be renamed. This, dear readers, is a tragedy.

I can't tell you how many countless hours of my junior high and high school years were dedicated to Madden on my PS2. I used to absolutely FIEND for the franchise modes of Madden 03-06, playing it in between two-a-day football practices. I will always remember posting up on my parents' porch, Maddy cat by my side, and playing my PS2 until the late hours of the night. The Madden parties of freshman year were also legendary.

For those memories, John Madden, I will be forever indebted.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I was on TV, twice

A follow-up on the Chris Andersen incident... apparently I was on live TV heckling him, and the announcer said, "those kids should quit it. Every time they heckle him, he does something good."

That game is now officially the most fun I've had a sporting event ever, despite the 22-point loss!

Brawl in the city

I spent my Spring Break this year scavenging for jobs in Minneapolis. I don't think I've been rejected that much since freshman year Homecoming... anyways, the real action took place on Friday night.

My friends and I were dipping from a party that the cops busted. I was going downstairs to get my sweatshirt when a large policeman with a bulletproof vest and a nightstick made eye contact with me; I immediately made it a large priority to get out of the house. Keep in mind I was also eight Keystones and a few shots deep, a large amount for a lightweight like myself.

We were about three blocks away when this pack of guys started giving us shit. I'm not exactly sure how it started, but we found out quickly that this group was very drunk and very volatile.

Let me lay out the situation: Our group was composed of myself, my friend Kyle, some random girl, and my friend Mike and his girlfriend. Their group was three drunk black guys ready to fight. I was still trying to size everything up when three more of their buddies pulled up in a white SUV. This is when I knew we were in trouble.

The trio kept yelling things like, "what you tryin' to say?" and "I'll fuckin' kill you, faggot!" (what nice, diplomatic statements!) I was trying to calm down the main assailant when I looked left and saw Kyle get pushed down and cracked across the face. I looked back at my dude and he swung at me, grazing my left cheek. At this point I realized I had backed into a busy street, and was holding up traffic.

No punches were returned, and the trio scampered off yelling a trail of obscenities. Kyle and I limped back to our home base, trying to figure out what exactly happened.

I've had a week to reflect on this incident, and I've decided that I did exactly the right thing. The guys in the SUV could have easily had knifes or guns, which were both things that none of us had. We arguably behaved like pussies, but it was in our best interest.

Oh well. Is every night in Minneapolis going to be like this?

An Easter video showing

I have plenty of stories to share from Spring Break this year... but first, I'll start off tonight with possibly the best YouTube video I've seen all year. Presenting.... the greatest workplace safety video ever.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best T-Wolves loss ever.

So I got free tickets to the Timberwolves/Nuggets game tonight, and I rolled over to the Target Center with four of my buddies. First we enjoyed some fine cuisine at Applebee's, and we had the most hyped-up waiter ever. Dude's name was Chris and he had to be on coke... "ok hot wings? doyouwant mildhotorbarbeque???? oksoundsgood!!" Straight Twista about it.

When we got to the game, we realized how good our tickets were: 7th row. We were right behind the Nuggets bench, and we immediately began heckling Chris Andersen.

For those of you that are not familiar with the NBA player known as Chris Andersen, just know this: he is the most trashy-looking white guy currently playing in the L.

We were so close, we easily got his attention. First Franc yells, "Hey Anderson!" He looked back during a water break and gave us a thumbs up. I followed that up with, "Nice tattoos man!!" The rest of his bench really didn't like that, especially Johan Petro. The guy looked back at me like I murdered someone.

We were also on the big screen at least three times. One was for the kiss cam (when they put a couple on camera and try to get them to kiss) and Joe Franc and I fake made out. Another time was when they put on a beat and filmed people dancing... Mike and Joe did "the running man" while I did the custom Gilmore dance. I then proceeded to flash the "V.O." sign and we were promptly cut off.

Apparently I was on T.V. too for when I shot a Best Buy basketball at this hoop a guy had. It didn't really get close, I had to throw it across two sections. Speaking of sections, I'd estimate at least 50% of each one was empty. Talk about low attendance, the Target Center was EMPTY. I still had a blast.

Friday, April 3, 2009

OMG fooled

I had to do something for April Fool's. Sorry if it was weak.

On a depressing note, I saw the movie Requiem for a Dream last night. I think I was in a bad mood for a solid 24 hours afterwards... dear god what a powerful film.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A new beginning?

You may be wondering why a new entry hasn't been published in a while... the truth is simple.

I've been spending too much time down by the creek.

Gilmore Creek is an amazing entity... it ebbs and flows with the smoothness of a Weather Report bassline. Every creature, plant, and littered Cardinal Club cup work together to create a perfect representation of nature and her magical ways.

It is because of my appreciation for the creek and all of nature that I have decided to make a radical change in my life. After this semester, I will embark up to Anchorage for salmon hatchery training. My fellow fishlovers and I will train for 6 weeks before the hatching season, and then travel out to locations all over the native land to capture the beasts in their prime.

I don't want to abandon SMU and all of my academic work, but I realized that college educations are overrated when you can be bathing in the sunrays of the Bering Strait in the prime of the salmon season.

Wish me luck, AKONPOO.