Monday, September 28, 2009

"I'm a maniac, MANIAC"

Ever wondered what the most horrible thing is on the entire internet? There are varying opinions on what exactly that is, but I think most agree that it's the Dnepropetrovsk murder tape, a.k.a. "3 guys 1 hammer".

The "Dnepropetrovsk maniacs" (as the Euro media coined them) murdered 21 people in the span of a month. They basically were three frustrated Ukrainian teenagers that were batshit crazy and loved to torture animals. Apparently one day they decided to upgrade to people, and went on their spree.

When one of these douchebags tried to sell a cell phone belonging to one of their victims, the police tracked the signal to a pawn shop. Two of them are serving life sentences while another faces 15 years.

The video mentioned above truly is a monstrosity. I won't link to the footage, but if you're creative enough you can definitely find it. In summary, the two craziest maniacs are in the woods, stabbing a guy with a screwdriver and hitting him in the face with a hammer. I think it's the only internet video that I couldn't bear watching and turned off halfway through. If you want to learn more, however, their Wikipedia article is very interesting (it's linked above).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boats and Bluegrass

I spent my Saturday night at the Boats and Bluegrass Festival at Prairie Island. What a blast! I never knew mandolins could be so cool...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Gucci Debate

The eternal question emerges. Is Gucci Mane a legitimate rapper? "Experts" say no. But while Gucci is slammed by rap elitists, his videos on YouTube soar in popularity and hits. Fans say his charisma and delivery is on point; critics say he is the cancer that is killing rap music. You be the judge...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Terrible, I know.

Hello father, it's been a month since my last confession blog post...

Words cannot describe how much I hate Charter Communications. I've been living in this apartment for over a month, and they still claim that our apartment building is a "work in progress." Without cable or internet, the best thing I can do with my time is look out the window at the highway adjacent to our apartment or take a nap. I guess I could do homework, but without internet it's pretty tough to get onto SparkNotes.

Lots has happened since my last post... my 21st birthday, the start of school, and the start of a massive amount of Kanye memes. On Wednesday I get internet (from HBC, a local bullshit provider) so I should be able to update more frequently. Stay with me, Poo-fans.