Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Oregon football helmets

Leave it to Oregon to come up with something wild for their football program.

Monday, August 23, 2010

401st post: NBA swearing

I just noticed that the last post was my 400th. I'll try to whip up something special to celebrate... in the meantime, here's a guilty pleasure of mine - accidental swearing on TV.

Friday, August 20, 2010


This made me lol really hard

Korean Starcraft Pro swag

Check out this guy's entrance. What a boss... who knew that Starcraft could make the girls swoon?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Album review: Mike Posner's 31 Minutes to Takeoff

My friends over at Music That Isn't Bad graciously accepted my guest review of Mike Posner's debut album. Check it out.

I still really maintain that Mike's first two mixtapes are his best work, and I'm deathly afraid that his label is pushing him towards manufactured pop stardom. Let's take a look at two of my favorite cuts off Mike's first mixtape:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

McNugget rampage

Woman punches McDonalds employee and breaks through window because there are no McNuggets left... the real mayhem starts at 1:15.

What a nice lady. I'm not quite sure how I'd react to this situation.

Obama draining three-pointers

He starts off cold but catches fire later on. I love at 3:50 when he says, "WAP!"

Really putting the "Blaze" in Trailblazers: Early 00's Portland

A message board that I frequent has posted several funny stories from the Portland Trailblazers locker room from about ten years ago:

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

In July 2003, Stoudamire was back in trouble with the law. The former Rookie of the Year was arrested at an Arizona airport after he was caught with an ounce of marijuana wrapped in aluminum foil. Derek Anderson - The swingman was once "spotted in 2005... going through a drive-through window at McDonald’s while his team was playing a game at the Rose Garden."

Q: There was a stretch there when the Blazers were the biggest joke in the league. We’ll get to the Oden era in a moment but first, we’d like your three best (told or untold) JailBlazer stories. And somewhat related – living in a relatively small city, were you ever mildly worried about your safety, especially since the cops said Zach Randolph rolled with gangbangers?

Jason Quick, The Oregonian beat reporter who covers the team, has seen far more than me. He deserves some kind of honorary beat-reporter medal for enduring what was the worst locker room in all of professional sports. There’s wide speculation among some Blazers employees that Sebastian Telfair was not accidentally carrying that gun on the plane in Boston that day he was busted for a concealed weapon, but that he was carrying the gun all the time because Telfair might have feared the entourage of a couple of teammates who didn’t like him. Maybe he had reason. Just before he was traded to the Knicks, someone on the gang enforcement team at Portland Police Department told me to pick up the MTV Cribs episode that featured Zach Randolph because the police had a copy, and noticed some disturbing details about the unsavory people who hung around Randolph.

Whenever the Blazers sign a player to a 10-day contract the equipment manager provides the player with a free set of team-issue luggage. Sort of a welcome gift. Nothing incredibly fancy, but it’s way better than the stuff I have. So Omar Cook is signed a couple of years ago, and the luggage is placed in front of his locker. Cook was flying in from out of town, so he’s not there yet. Ruben Patterson, the team’s registered sex offender, sees the luggage, knows Cook isn’t around yet, and Patterson basically just decides he’s going to abscond the luggage. He just rips the name tags off and takes it. Nobody says a word, either. It’s not anything violent, but it demonstrates the lack of decency and respect that permeated.

Another time, in the visiting locker room in Dallas, I had Rasheed Wallace threaten to punch me after a playoff-game loss. Deadline was approaching, I’m the only writer in the locker room and I’m asking Rasheed questions, and he whips around, and tells me to get out of his space or he’s going to punch me out. At that point, his teammates are all looking to see how I react, and in no way am I going to back down. I’m looking at Rasheed, and thinking if he takes a swing I’m going to try and stuff him into the locker behind him if only because journalists everywhere need me to man up in that situation. Either that, or I’m going to get knocked out and blow my deadline. So I tell him I’m not moving. I just stand there, holding my notepad and recorder, and we’re staring at each other. He eventually storms past me to the shower, and while he’s gone Zach Randolph, a rookie then, leans in to me and says, “When ‘Sheed comes back, make sure you don’t have your back to him. He’ll sucker punch you.” The great irony is that a month later Randolph sucker-punched Ruben Patterson during a practice breaking his eye socket. Someone was holding Patterson’s arms when Randolph threw the haymaker. There was a period of a few days after that incident where Randolph hid out at Dale Davis’ house because he feared that Patterson was going to try and shoot him.

Here’s my favorite story, though. Blazers back-up centers Ha Seung Jin and Nedzad Sinanovic were locked in the Blazers practice facility together for the summer, playing against each other because they needed the work. Ha, who is 7-foot-3, had come back from South Korea out of shape, then was hampered by tendinitis in his knee, and so he’s getting schooled by the 7-foot-4 Sinanovic, from Bosnia.

The two were tussling and tangling on the court. It’s getting pretty heated, and they’re yapping and cussing at each other, most of which neither can understand because of the language differences. And as the players usually do at the end of a workout, the two players were shooting free throws together in silence. Sinanovic went first, then it was Ha’s turn.

Peaceful enough.

That is, until Sinanovic made his final free throw, then retrieved the basketball and held it. I mean, it was like watching kids bicker and fight. Ha walked over and snatched the ball back. Then, Sinanovic said something unkind and two men ended up on the ground in a pile of swinging elbows and fists.

The fight was broken up by Blazers trainers and team managers, who are all about two feet shorter than the two players. Ha, who took a good punch in the face from Ned, was screaming, “I’ll sue! I’ll sue!”

The two were escorted to different areas of the practice facility to cool off. Normally the story would end here. Except Ha’s neutral corner happened to be the team weight room. He picks up one of those long wooden poles that players use to stretch. Ha just comes running out of the weight room swinging the pole and screaming expletives in Korean. He really went after Sinanovic, who blocked one swing with his forearm but took another shot in the ribs before someone ripped the pole (think: closet dowel) from Ha’s hands and threw it across the courts.

If you didn’t have the fight in you before you came to Portland, you soon found it.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This video is probably the greatest example of my issue with hipsters... at least hipsters that think stuff like this is on some transcendant level of "art".


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The birds and the beedrills

Pure Pokémon lyricism. Listen closely...

Passed along to me by Shubham.

Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 hip-hop releases

Quoted from a post on The second half of 2010 is about to be NICE:

Hip Hop New Release Dates August 2010 & Beyond

This by far is the longest New Release date list ever published on Hip Hop Update. It may have to do with that most albums during the year come out at end of August and all of September. Kids going back to school, end of Summer are the variety of reasons as to why. Either way, here we go.

August 2010
Bun B –
Trill O.G. – August 3
El-P –
Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 – August 3
Pastor Troy –
King Of All Kings – August 3
Freddie Gibbs –
Str8 Killa (EP) – August 3
Bizzy Bone –
Crossroads 2010 – August 10
Ayatollah –
Live From The MPC 60 (3-CD) – August 10
KRS-One & True Master –
Meta-Historical – August 10
Messy Marv & Berner –
Thizz City – August 10
Mike Posner –
31 Minutes to Takeoff – August 10
Tripping On This Journey – August 10
Ahmad –
The Death Of Me – August 10
Trek Life –
Everything Changed Nothing – August 10
Lord Infamous –
Futuristic Bounty Hunter – August 10
Dondria –
Dondria vs. Phatfffat – August 17
Kem –
Intimacy – August 17
Teairra Mari –
Sincerely Yours (EP) – August 17
Crooked I –
Planet C.O.B. v.1 EP – August 17
Camu Tao –
King of Hearts – August 17
Katy Perry –
Teenage Dream – August 24
DJ Muggs vs Ill Bill –
Kill Devil Hills – August 24
Cam’ron Presents The U.N. –
Gunz N’ Butta – August 24
Blu –
Her Favorite Colo(u)r – August 24
Dorrough –
Get Big – August 24
Wino-O –
Wine-O – August 24
Fantasia –
Back To Me – August 24
The Pack –
Wolfpack Party – August 24
Tha Dogg Pound –
100 Wayz – August 24
Raymond V. Raymond (Deluxe Ed.) – August 24
Usher –
Versus (EP) – August 24
Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz –
Freedom Express Line – August 31
Boss Hogg Outlawz Present J Dawg – August 31
Slaughterhouse –
The EP – August 31
Lyfe Jennings –
I Still Believe – August 31
Exile –
AM/FM – August 31
Spraga Benz –
Shotta Culture – August 31
Fabolous –
There is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music (EP) – August 31
Maximum Ballon –
Maximum Ballon – August 31
Godfather Don –
Properties Of Steel – August 31

September 2010
J. Cole –
Cole World
Birdman –
Bigger Than Life
Yelawolf –
Trunk Muzik 0 To 60
New Boyz –
Too Cool to Care
Musiq Soulchild –
Travis Barker –
Drag-On –
My Life, My Legacy, My Melody
Eric Benet –
Lost In Time
Raekwon –
Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang
Young Buck –
The Rehab – September 7
Duke Da God –
More Than Music 3 – September 7
N.E.R.D. –
Nothing – September 7
Sauce Money –
TBA – September 7
Chingy –
Success & Failure – September 7
Nate Dogg –
G-Funk Mix – September 7
Blue Sky Black Death –
Third Party – September 7
Ski Beatz –
24 Hour Karate School – September 7
Krizz Kaliko –
Shock Treatment – September 14
Trey Songz –
Passion, Pain & Pleasure – September 14
Huey –
Redemption – September 14
Marques Houston –
Mattress Music – September 14
MF Doom –
Expektoration (Live) – September 14
Chromeo –
Business Casual – September 14
Bilal –
Airtight’s Revenge – September 14
Black Milk –
Album of the Year – September 14
Cali Swag District –
The Kickback – September 14
Big Sean –
Finally Famous – September 14
Kanye West –
Good A** Job – September 14
Consequence –
ConsTV – September 14
Linkin Park –
A Thousand Suns – September 14
Shontelle –
No Gravity – September 14
Chiddy Bang –
The Swelly Life – September 14
Wu-Tang Management Presents: The Watchmen –
Various – September 14
Boss Hogg Outlawz Presents J Dawg – September 14
Diddy: Dirty Money –
Last Train To Paris – September 20
Ne-Yo –
Libra Scale – September 21
John Legend & The Roots –
Wake Up – September 21
Prospect –
First Blood – September 21
8 Ball & MJG –
From the Bottom 2 The Top – September 21
Pastor Troy –
The Best Of Pastor Troy – September 21
RydazNRtist –
Soulful Warfare – September 21
Stevie Joe –
80′s Baby – September 21
Tank –
Now or Never – September 21
Michael Franti –
The Sound of Sunshine – September 21
N.O.M.E. Nomadd –
The Who? – September 21
Rah Digga -
Classics – September 21
Roots Manuva Meets Wrong Tom –
Duppy Writer – September 21
Lil Wayne –
I’m Not A Human Being (EP) – September 27
Jagged Edge –
The Remedy – September 28
Ice Cube –
I Am The West – September 28
Mark Ronson –
Record Collection – September 28
Hell Razah –
Heaven Razah – September 28
Jim Jones –
Capo – September 28
T.I. –
King Uncaged – September 28
Young Jeezy –
TM 103 – September 28
Gucci Mane –
The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted – September 28
Joe Budden –
The Great Escape – September 28
Kane & Abel –
Back On Money – September 28
Aloe Blacc –
Good Things – September 28
B-Real –
The Harvest – Vol. 1 – September 28
Thug Lordz (C-Bo & Yukmouth) –
Thug Money – September 28
Donell Jones –
Donell Jones – September 28
Skillz –
Hip Hop Confessions – September 28
Group Home –
Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal – September 28
Black Market Militia –
Timbo King – September 28
Jazmine Sullivan –
Love Me Back – September 28
Snoop Dogg –
Greatest Hits – September 28
Big Pun –
Big Pun the Legacy (Special Collector’s Ed.) – September 28
Greg Nice –
Popcycle – September 28

October 2010
Box Set
YG –
Fresh On Campus
Kardinal Offishall –
Mr. International
Scarface –
The Habit
Copywrite –
The Life and Times of Peter Nelson
Red Café –
Red October
DJ Quik –
The Book of David
Ciara –
Basic Instinct – October 5
Soulja Boy –
Dre – October 5
Roscoe Dash –
Ready Set Go! – October 5
Canibus –
C Of Tranquility – October 5
Pimp C –
The Naked Soul of Sweet James Jones – October 5
Rye Rye –
Go! Pop! Bang! – October 5
Twista –
The Perfect Storm – October 5
Faith Evans –
Somethin’ About Faith – October 5
Ninja Tune XX –
Box Set – October 5
Skyzoo & Illmind –
Live From The Tape Deck – October 5
Mr. Del –
Tennman – October 5
Koshir –
White Girl Diaries – October 5
Lil Scrappy –
Prince Of The South 2 – October 5
The Bone Brothers –
Best Of The Bone Brothers – October 5
Bobby Valentino –
Fly On the Wall – October 12
9th Wonder & Buckshot –
The Solution – October 12
The Foreign Exchange –
Authenticity – October 12
Stuck On An Island – October 12
Big Bad 40 (formerly 40 Glocc) –
NWA: New World Agenda – October 12
Smif N Wessun & Pete Rock –
Monumental – October 12
Pac Div –
Grown Kid Syndrome – October 12
Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No) –
Gutter Water – October 12
Kabosh (Krizz Kaliko & Tech N9ne) –
Amafrican Psycho – October 19
Redman –
Reggie – October 19
Von Pea –
Pea’s Gotta Have It – October 19
Nipsey Hussle –
South Central State of Mind – October 19
Shawn Chrystopher –
You & Only You – October 19
Natalie Stewart (fr. Floetry) –
TBA – October 26
Lyrics Born – As U Were – October 26
Termanology & Statik Seletah –
1982 – October 26
Pharoahe Monch –
W.A.R. We Are Renegades – October 26
Outasight –
Brand New Sessions – October 26
9th Wonder Presents –
9th’s Opus: It’s A Wonderful World Music Group V.1 – October 26
Kid Cudi –
Man On The Moon 2: The Legend Of Mr. Rager – October 26

November / December 2010
Michael Jackson –
Common –
The Believer
Mariah Carey –
TBA/Christmas Album
Rihanna –
Jadakiss –
Top Five, Dead or Alive
Kelly Rowland –
Kelly Rowland – November 2
Jay Sean – Freeze Time – November 2
Fabolous –
Loso’s Way 2 – November 23
Nicki Minaj –
TBA – November 23
2Pac –
TBA – December 2010

Summer 2010 – To Be Scheduled
Flo Rida –
The Only One
David Banner & 9th Wonder –
Death Of A Pop Star
Daz Dillinger Presents: This Is Long Beach –
Evidence –
Cats & Dogs
Yo Gotti –
Live From The Kitchen
Mack 10 & Glasses Malone –
Money Muzik
Raekwon –
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 (Deluxe Ed.)

Fall 2010 – To Be Scheduled
Cee-Lo –
Lady Killer
Wyclef Jean – Wyclef Jean: The Haitian Experience
Liquid Swords 2: The Return Of The Shadowboxer
Obie Trice –
Bottom’s Up
Mickey Factz –
The New Museum
Juelz Santana –
Born To Lose, Built to Win
Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels –
Origins of Block Music
Ray J –
Raydiation 2
Shareefa –
The Secret
Keke Palmer –
WC –
Revenge of the Barracuda
Slim Thug –
Tha Thug Show
Busta Rhymes –
Extinction Level Event 2
Jennifer Hudson –
Estelle –
All of Me
Nelly –
Nelly 5.0
Pleasure P –
Pleasure P Principles
Cassidy –
C.A.S.H. (Cass A Straight Hustla)
Glasses Malone –
Beach Cruiser
Johnta Austin –
Love Sex Religion
MC Eiht –
Which Way Is West

2010 – To Be Scheduled
Lupe Fiasco –
Ludacris –
Shyne –
Guess Who
Jeremih –
All About You
Keri Hilson –
Asher Roth –
The Spaghetti Tree
Joell Ortiz –
Free Agent
Chamillionaire –
Ja Rule –
Renaissance Project
R. Kelly –
Nottz –
You Need This Music
Lloyd Banks –
H.F.M. 2: Hunger for More 2
Maino –
The Day After
Dres –
From The Black Pool Of Genius
Bow Wow –
Who Is Shad Moss?
Miquel –
State of the Art
7L & Esoteric –
Marsha Ambrosius –
Late Nights & Early Mornings

2010 – To Be Rescheduled
Jamie Foxx –
TBA – was July 20
Spose –
The Audacity! – was July 27
St. Lunatics –
City Free – was July 27
Game –
The R.E.D. Album – was August 24
Q-Unique –
Between Heaven & Hell – was September 7

All dates and time frames on all titles are subject to change.

- C.A.