Sunday, May 10, 2009

"The Wedge" Co-op experience

I moseyed down to Lyndale Avenue the other day looking for a job. I stepped into this organic foods co-op called "The Wedge" and thought I was in Haight-Ashbury. Damn, hippies everywhere!

The place was cool though. The lady I got my application from was like, "it's a nice day outside! Why don't you go fill out your app over on one of our stones?" I walked outside and, lo and behold, there were three perfect stones for sitting on in the middle of a garden. This was right next to the typical hippie bulletin board and bike rack holding 75% of the customers' bikes. I walked out of the place buying a container of tabouli, too. Stuff is good.

I have NOTHING against hippies, I love the way they live and I think their intentions are awesome. They're just funny sometimes!

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