Wednesday, December 9, 2009

81 pics of Tiger's mistresses

What a great way to kick off DYB!! Here's a large gallery of all the women alleging to have hooked up with Mr. Woods.

Side note: All of this Tiger-bashing is pretty unfair. David Letterman, Glenn Richardson and Steve McNair all got caught cheating this year, but no one really cared. McNair even died as a result of his adultery...

While we're talking about athletes with faulty morals, Favre was an alcoholic and pill-popper. Jordan was a gambling addict and is still a huge jerk. McGuire, Sosa and Bonds were all juicing big-time. The list really goes on and on, enough that almost every huge athlete has some sort of skeletons in their closet. When a normal citizen does something wrong, they can hide it with ease. When a celebrity falters, they get hit in the face with the TMZ tidal wave. Hopefully this ends soon for Tiger, who has otherwise been nothing but a class act in the public eye.

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