Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big Sixteen Conference & LeBron bias

Expanding the Big Ten (Eleven) is disturbing mainly because the previous formula had no problems. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and the Big Ten certainly ain't broke.

This is completely an initiative powered by greed for TV revenue and the Big Ten's desire to one day surpass the SEC in popularity. I'm not sure if the South will ever allow that, but adding a school like Notre Dame would definitely help. By the way, I don't want anything to do with Notre Dame, and I would be upset if Wisconsin had to encounter them several times a year.

Also, how does Rutgers get an (alleged) offer? New Jersey is clearly included in the New York City metropolis area, which is clearly considered East Coast and far, far away from the quaint Midwest. Why not offer Iowa State or Kansas? Or Pittsburgh, for that matter?


This story intrigued me as well: Tim Donaghy (you know, the cheater NBA ref) guaranteed that David Stern will set up a Lakers/Cavaliers NBA final. Included in that link is a story about how Donaghy predicted the outcome of 14 playoff games solely based on the officiating crews - and finished 13-1. Wow.

Oh - and I'm in the transition of moving from Southern Minnesota to Minneapolis for the summer, so posts might be more infrequent. Once I get up there, I'm going to kick back on my front porch and blog away.

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