Wednesday, December 10, 2008

McDonalds advertising

During the last few years, it's become painfully apparent how much McDonalds wants to change their public image. Concern over the fast food's health implications and slaughterhouse tactics mounted in the 90's, as several groups revealed McD's for the tyrants they were. This furor seemed to reach a peak in 2004, when Morgan Spurlock released his documentary, "Super Size Me". The film, which shows Spurlock dieting on nothing but McDonalds for 30 days, ends with the testee gaining nearly 25 pounds and acquiring liver and heart problems that may never be reversed.

Is it a coincidence that shortly after this film was released, McDonalds discontinued the "Super-size" option? It's no secret that they are now highly sensitive to criticism of their nutrition. They came out with Salad Shakers, Premium Salads, Premium Sandwiches, and plenty of other items to counter the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder. It's the advertising, though, that kills me.

I constantly see McDonalds commercials trying to link them with cool things for teenagers, like hip-hop or breakdancing. One commercial from a few years back showed a black guy bringing QP burgers to a party for appetizers with a rap beat in the background. Plenty of others show McDonalds eaters dancing, rapping, hanging out, etc... THESE PEOPLE DON'T EAT MCDONALDS! It's pathetic how McD's knows their days are numbered.

It's almost like at their meetings, they ask:

"What do kids like these days?"
"Umm... LeBron James... Grand Theft Auto... Lil' Wayne?"
"YEAH, RAP... let's have kids eating McDonalds and rapping! That'll sell."

We're not fooled... we still know McDonalds is shitty, even if you add some veggies on top and have T.I. rhyme about it.

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