Saturday, January 3, 2009

Can I get a phone that just makes calls?

Every time I have to buy a new phone, I try to get a non-flip phone that looks durable and doesn't have bells and whistles.

I'm 20, but I'm not a big texter and I just think the concept of taking pics/listening to music/surfing the web on your phone is really not needed.

Well when my last contract expired, I got this little guy in slate grey for $40:

I picked it because it didn't flip and it seemed durable. The sliding keyboard was a plus for the small texting I do and for typing in contact names faster.

For the last month its been plaguing me with a scrambled screen (rendered unreadable) that occurs when I slide the keyboard out. The last few weeks its been scrambling on and off for sometimes up to an hour at a time, without sliding.

I finally had to take it in today after I couldn't see the screen for two hours yesterday. Apparently they're going to send me a refurbished phone of the same kind, which will probably do the same thing.

WHAT HAPPENED TO SIMPLICITY? When are phone companies going to realize that NOT EVERYONE wants touch screens or a whole keyboard on their phone? It's called a PHONE, not a computer.

Why can't we get phones like this back?? They just make calls, not solve the world's problems!

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