Monday, January 26, 2009

The internet connection at SMU is abysmal.

Don't worry, AKONPOO fans (all four of you)... I have not forgotten you.

The internet at my college is simply horrid. For some terribly cruel reason, I can never access the sites I want to (Facebook, YouTube, Allmusic, Blogger) and yet all the other 43 trillion that I don't care about load perfectly fine. The tech department has yet to think of a good excuse as to why this is happening, so for now updates might be scarce.

How 'bout that Inauguration, huh? Forget that he stumbled on the words, it was a nice ceremony. It was definitely touching to see all of the African-Americans getting emotional.

I'm taking this E295 class called "Practical Grammar and Usage", so here's hoping that my grammar improves on AKONPOO as well. I think I've already messed up several times, so I'll just stop now.

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