Wednesday, January 20, 2010

moot speaks!

Today moot blessed our presence in a /b/ thread that was over 1600 replies by the time I saw it. He gave some pretty interesting info.

>moot on site traffic:
no. that number is unique ips for all of the posts on /b/ at that snapshot. when a GET is happening, thousands of people are posting simultaneously, which drops that number down. a few thousand people browse /b/ at a given moment, and about ten thousand across the entire site. 4chan has 500,000 unique visitors a day, 7,000,000 in a month.

>Will you accept donations?
i have absolutely zero interest in accepting donations. i am not jimmy wales. begging for donations sucks, and large websites shouldn't rely on donations to cover operating costs.

>Is there anything planned for 4chan in 2010? (hardware/software upgrades or otherwise)?
not really. i just spent a bunch of money (five figures) and time (over a hundred) hours rolling new shit out, and redeploying old shit.

>Will there ever be a way to sufficiently get rid of the spam bots?
i fucking hope so.

>Do you remember when was /b/ good?
no my memory doesn't go back that far

>moot, what are you going to do if 4chan keeps growing and you run out of servers to throw out of it again?
i just threw a bunch of hardware, time, and money at the problem and it appears to have worked out decently. the site still isn't as fast as i'd like. i want to get page loads down to .8sec or so. one server was pushing ~1600mbit/sec yesterday though.

>Do you party?
i don't smoke and barely drink. i am not a "social bug" in the least.

>Moot, you obviously know that 4chan won't last forever. How do you intend to put it down when the time comes? Would you have the heart to sell it, or would you simply shut it down?
:is is a mystery:

>what do you plan on studying in college?
not totally sure. NOTHING related to computers though.

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