Sunday, March 22, 2009

My bracket = fail

So my Final Four pick of Wake Forest proved to be amateur, and several other parts of my bracket are decomposing as we speak.

You know what I hate? A lot of things. One of these is Dick Vitale and the rest of the talking heads picking ALL TOP SEEDS in their predictions.

Vitale's Elite Eight prediction on ESPN had all 1 and 2 seeds except for ONE match-up going 1-3. Then his Final Four was all #1 seeds... do we even need Vitale to make these predictions? You could just follow the seeding until the Final Four when you flip a few coins. Stupid Vitale, he's only on TV to suck off Duke and say his phrases in a funny voice.

I'm currently watching Wisconsin vs. Xavier, and it's really sloppy. So far the buzzcuts have been taking long two's and Xavier has been... well... not good.

Don't get me wrong, I like the tournament in general so far. I could really see Syracuse going to the Final Four, Jonny Flynn is so hot right now.

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