Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A new beginning?

You may be wondering why a new entry hasn't been published in a while... the truth is simple.

I've been spending too much time down by the creek.

Gilmore Creek is an amazing entity... it ebbs and flows with the smoothness of a Weather Report bassline. Every creature, plant, and littered Cardinal Club cup work together to create a perfect representation of nature and her magical ways.

It is because of my appreciation for the creek and all of nature that I have decided to make a radical change in my life. After this semester, I will embark up to Anchorage for salmon hatchery training. My fellow fishlovers and I will train for 6 weeks before the hatching season, and then travel out to locations all over the native land to capture the beasts in their prime.

I don't want to abandon SMU and all of my academic work, but I realized that college educations are overrated when you can be bathing in the sunrays of the Bering Strait in the prime of the salmon season.

Wish me luck, AKONPOO.

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