Thursday, March 25, 2010

WSU basketball: Jonte's blog and next year's newcomers

I really miss the WSU basketball team from about 2005-2008. They were honestly the most entertaining team that I've ever seen.

Here's a blog written by former WSU forward Jonte Flowers on his European experience (he plays basketball professionally there).

And with the future in mind, here are the new recruits coming in for next year's team - including Anthony Tucker, another D-1 transfer. It's almost expected at this point that they will pick up a transfer every offseason.

I definitely consider myself more of a Saint Mary's basketball fan at this point, but growing up in Winona in the mid-2000's it was all about WSU. I still enjoy going to their games, and I went to three or four this year. I liked this year's team as a young squad with potential - by next year they will be matured and will have only graduated one senior. I don't think they'll ever be as good as they used to be, but who knows?

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